If you have five minutes to spare you might be interested to listen to an interview I did this week for the BBC’s Focus on Africa.
Listen here from around  17.15 in. Focus on Africa

I have also done an interview for the Steve Yabsley Show at BBC Radio Bristol.
Starts around 12.35.15       Radio Bristol

Focus on Africa


A very moody St Paul’s Cathedral by the Thames in London during a bout of squally, threatening weather. I was in town again to do an interview at BBC HQ for Focus on Africa. Here is a link to the broadcast. Please listen from around 17.15 in.    Focus on Africa


London in the spring

It’s a great time of year to be launching a new project. The signs of nature’s energy and new life everywhere provide tremendous impetus to the soul and spirit when you are working hard and under pressure. The other day I had to come into central London to discuss some publicity arrangements for the launch of Imperial Exile. Had a few minutes to sneak into St James’s Park – stunning.


And the London Eye looked fantastic in the spring sunshine.





Anglo-Ethiopian Society talk


There are still a couple of weeks to go before Imperial Exile is officially published. However, I did give an advance talk about the book the other day, appropriately at the Anglo Ethiopian Society in London. It was great to see some old friends there. That’s me on the left and on the right is Peter Gill who himself is publishing a great book next month about a current hot international topic. It’s called Today We Drop Bombs, Tomorrow We Build Bridges. The clue’s in the title!


Trying to get a point across – felt a bit strange in a collar and tie!


Fortunately there doesn’t seem to be anyone sleeping.

The audience were great. Looking forward to the next talk!

Imperial Exile website