Shama Books on the case again

Here is a great photo of Yonas Almaw of Shama Books doing his bit to promote Imperial Exile. The setting is rather august – inside the Ambassador’s historic residence on the massive British Embassy compound in Addis Ababa. A big thank you to Ambassador Susanna Moorehead for hosting a talk I gave about the Emperor’s exile in the UK.




Shama Books in Ethiopia are certainly doing their bit to promote Imperial Exile. Here is one of their excellent posters.


Good Fortune

I am delighted to be working with Shama Books in promoting the Ethiopian edition of Imperial Exile. Shama took out a full-page ad this week in Fortune newspaper, one of the weekly English language newspapers in Addis Ababa. See the ad below and also the front page of Fortune.









Afternoon tea in Addis Ababa

Back in Addis Ababa to promote the Ethiopian version of Imperial Exile. One of my first ports of call was the home of Richard and Rita Pankhurst who have helped me so much with the  book. Ian Campbell, who has also passed on many pearls of wisdom, drove me over there. After cake and afternoon we all posed for a photo for posterity.


80 years on

In the summer of 1936 Emperor Haile Selassie was photographed on the steps of the Bath Spa Hotel with the then Mayor of Bath, Dr James Carpenter. At the recent event to commemorate the Emperor’s time in Bath, another photograph was taken on the hotel steps – this time featuring the Emperor’s grandson, Prince Micheal, and the Mayor’s great niece, Christine Fox. Thanks to Richard at Bath Newseum for taking this photograph.    Bath Newseum


At home

BBC Radio Bristol and the Points West TV show did us proud in their coverage of the commemoration event at the Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel marking Emperor Haile Selassie’s exile in Bath. A variety of news stories and features ran throughout the day. Radio Bristol even did a live interview with me at home just a couple of hours before the event started.

Trying to make sense during the live interview with Radio Bristol. My daughter Bridget captured the frazzled moment!